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Enjoy a Picturesque Grand Canyon Bus Trip Memorial Day Weekend

Would you like to hear a fantastic idea for celebrating the Memorial Day holiday? Nothing would be more Ominous Objects: Trail Of Time Collector's Edition fun than taking a bus tour of the Grand Canyon. These tours are so popular they sell out quickly. If you are going to this wonder of nature over the holiday, get your tickets early because they might be sold out if you wait until the last minute.

The bus tours follow the same schedule as always on the Cruise the Streets in Your Dodge holiday weekend and you can leave from Phoenix or Vegas. Las Vegas is a great departure point because from there you can take a bus tour to the South Rim or the West Rim. If you leave from Phoenix, you will go to the South Rim.

Below is an overview of Grand Canyon Bus tour options for your holiday getaway.

Going To The West Rim From Vegas

It takes your bus about 2 hours to make the trip from Vegas to the West Rim. You get off Ominous Objects: Trail Of Time Collector's Edition the bus once you are there and you are allowed about three hours to see the sights. The West Rim is great because it is the only part of the canyon where helicopters fly below the rim, so you can descend to the bottom and catch a raft tour of the Colorado River. Your whole family will be thrilled with the experience, so you should upgrade your tour to include it if you can.

Another option you can add to your tour is a pass to the Skywalk. It is called the Glass Bridge, and you can walk on its transparent surface as far as 70 feet beyond the edge of the canyon wall. While standing on this glass surface, you can look between your feet and see the canyon floor some 4000 feet below you!

South Rim Tours From Las Vegas

The South Rim bus tour from Vegas is a fantastic value at just $80. Read the fine print before you buy your tickets to make sure the tour you choose includes all the features you want such as a stop at the Hoover Dam.

The ride to the South Rim is much longer. It will take you about 5.5 hours to get there by bus. The long ride is totally worth it. Many people consider the South Rim to be the official Grand The Best Wholesale Dealer-Shop Flip Flops Canyon and you will recognize Understanding Dog Digging many of the landmarks from pictures you have seen of Ominous Objects: Trail Of Time Collector's Edition the National Park.

South Rim Or West Rim?

The length of the trip may be a deciding factor. The bus tour to the South Rim takes around 15 hours from start to finish, while the tour to the West Rim takes about 12 hours. You should also factor in the type of experience you want to have. If you are a thrill seeker, you want How to Maintain Outdoor Fireplaces to go to the West Rim. If you want to soak up the beauty of nature, then a bus tour of the South Rim is the best option.

Grand Canyon Bus Tours From Phoenix, Arizona

You can begin your bus tour from several cities around Phoenix such as Scottsdale, Mesa, and Tempe. The bus ride to the Grand Canyon lasts about four hours. The view along the way is nothing short Ominous Objects: Trail Of Time Collector's Edition of spectacular. The scenery changes from desert to forest as you head to northern Arizona. If you choose a tour that stops in Sedona, you will get to see the spectacular red sandstone buttes in the region. You will Hotels: A Growing Industry in Service also see the San Francisco Peaks, the tallest peaks in the state.

Private Van Tours Of The Grand Canyon

Touring the Grand Canyon by private van is very popular. The vans are customized for sightseeing and ultimate comfort. The fill up fast because they only carry 12 people at a time. These tours are much more personalized and give you the opportunity to interact with your tour guide. Your experience is better since there are fewer people to Ominous Objects: Trail Of Time Collector's Edition get on and off the bus at each stop.

In Summary

Memorial Day falls Qwerty Cell Phone vs Apple IPhone on Monday, May 27. Many people will have a three day weekend for the occasion and it is also the weekend that kicks off the peak summer travel season. For that reason, you should book your seats as soon as you decide you want to take a bus tour of the Grand Canyon. Get your seats at least one week in advance, and even sooner than that if you can. Buy your tickets online when you are ready. When you buy your tickets on the tour operator's website, you qualify for the discounted Internet rate as long as you complete the transaction online.

Travel blogger Luke P. is an authority on bus trips to How to prepare HP HP0-Y24, HP0-Y28, HP0-Y29 Study Material the Grand Canyon and advises checking out this website for the best tours at the most economical rates:



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