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Peanut Butter Can Be Healthy

Some good news for those of us who likes peanut butter is that researchers at Harvard University’s School of Public Health found eating a half serving (one tablespoon) of peanut butter or a full serving peanuts or other nuts (an ounce), five or more times a week, lowers the risk of developing type-2 diabetes by as much as 20 to 30 percent. Dr. Frank How to Use Dell 451-10482 Power Pack For a Long Life Hu, associate professor of nutrition and epidemiology says, “the body of evidence is overwhelming 0x8024001F that peanuts and nut butters can reduce the risk of serious disease.”

Many years ago I worked in a medical facility where I often snacked on peanut butter and loved it, but felt guilty. The nurse practitioner in that Directx Not Recognizing My Graphics Card facility told me peanut butter is “very” healthy for you and in fact, she had once practically lived on peanut butter and crackers while going through nursing school. I also just love a simple peanut butter fudge recipe that can be whipped up in about 15 minutes.

Peanut butter contains about 90 percent peanuts and is packed with vitamins A and E, folic acid, calcium, magnesium, zinc, iron and fiber. It is loaded with monounsaturated, which is the so-called “good fat” that does not raise blood cholesterol levels. It is also virtually trans fat free according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Healthy eating habits definitely include “peanut butter.” Peanut butter lovers all over the world no longer have to feel guilty. It is good for us. Yey, rah rah for Peanut Butter.

Other encouraging studies include ones done at Penn State University where researchers compared a low-fat diet to one that was higher in monounsaturated fat from peanuts and peanut butter. Results were both diets will lower total and LDL-cholesterol (the bad cholesterol) levels. The peanut and peanut-butter diet had the added benefit of lowering triglyceride levels. Heart disease is linked to high triglycerides. The low-fat dieters lowered cardiovascular disease risk by only 12 percent, while the peanut and peanut-butter dieters lowered their risk by 21 percent.

Another interesting finding at Penn State is that peanut eaters had lower body mass indexes (BMIs) as compared to non-peanut eaters. High BMI (higher than 25) increases your risk of obesity-related problems like heart disease and/or diabetes.

On the negative side is that peanut butter is high 0xC00D1199 in calories. A single serving or two tablespoons of low-fat or regular peanut butter has about 190 calories. Just be careful about eating a whole jar of peanut butter in one sitting. Peanut butter as a snack or a peanut butter and jelly on whole-wheat bread is acceptable. I believe I put about 4 whopping tablespoons of peanut butter in my fudge recipe. I usually eat a batch all by myself in about 2 or 3 days. If I do that only once a month, I should still be fine at my next doctor’s appointment.

Disclaimer: *This article is not meant to diagnose, treat or cure Get Great Deals With Computer Parts Resellers any kind of grrterte a health problem. These statements have 0x800c0005 Xbox One Do It not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Always consult with your health care provider about any kind of a health problem and especially before beginning any Disable Automatic Starting Programs kind of an exercise routine.

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