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French Property Investment

With so many investors looking at exotic locations for their next investment, sometimes the gems closer Basic Plasma Television to home are completely overlooked.

Investing in property in France is still a firm favourite with the Brits Disable Usb Power Charging and there is good reason for this loyalty!

More and more foreign owners are flooding to France, either for a second home or as an investment for their 0X8024400a Defender future. Over the last three years, an average of 80,000 properties per year have grrterte been sold to non-French buyers, almost half of which have been UK buyers. However, just because property is popular in France does not mean that a bargain cannot be found.

France has truly embraced the investors, both domestic and foreign and offers a range of useful facilities, such as guaranteed rentals and leaseback schemes that make investing in property in France a particularly solid and, therefore, popular choice.

Guaranteed rental schemes are exactly what they say they are and developers will sell properties, normally apartments or houses on a complex, to investors whilst offering a guaranteed rental of around Directx 11 Problems With Skyrim 6 to 6.5 percent to the new owners.

The development company then takes over the running of the property and rents it as it chooses in order to make the rental 0x800B0110 income that it has promised to the owner. If the developer does not make the required return, then they will have to make up the shortfall.

However, if they exceed the profit, they will keep the excess profit. From the investors’ point of view, this is a very low hassle, low risk way of investing in property that will hopefully gain in capital value over the years that it is being rented out.

Leaseback works in a similar way, although the property is leased back to the company on a long-term lease with set terms for the company to rent on. Although the two schemes are largely similar, with a guaranteed rental, there is more flexibility for the owner as it is simply a contract and additional terms such as owner use for X weeks a year can be negotiated.

A lease is a more formal property document and it is normally for a longer period of time than a guaranteed rental scheme, tying the owner into a longer period of ownership.

France is a lower risk option than many of the emerging markets in Eastern Europe and as such the returns both in rent and in capital are not as large or dramatic as in those countries. On average, rental yields have been around the 5 percent Disappearing Figure, Table, And Equation Labels For Appendices mark for the last 3 years and capital gains have been around the 12 percent mark.

Savvy investors Choosing The Best Development Goals will note that these figures are very similar to the UK and the property market in France should indeed be viewed in a similar way to the UK domestic market. That said, the value of property has on average risen by 87 percent between 1997 and 2005, showing 0x8004ff00 the explosion that has hit the more popular regions.

One major advantage that property investing in France has over the UK is that there are still some very underdeveloped Disappearing Email In Windows Mail regions where real bargains can be picked up. For example, Limousin still offers investors the opportunity to buy a renovation project for less than £20,000/Euro35,000.

Investing in France is an ideal option for the risk-averse investor who wants long-term security and if they are prepared to head 0x3e9 off the beaten track, there are still some serious windfall capital gains to 0x545cdbd3 be made.

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