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Curtis Hammond Sep 20 '16
Before investing in a camera, consider choosing one that offers manual features in which you can control the outcome of your pictures. The two basic features are aperture and shutter speed. Just ngftycdskj by understanding how they work you can turn your photographs into a piece of art.

First let me explain depth of field (DOF). DOF is the distance from the foreground to the background of the picture that is in sharp focus. An increase DOF makes wonderful landscape pictures such as a view of a valley where everything is in sharp focus including the flowers nearby, the mountains in the distance and all of nature's beauty in Can't Install KB2732487 - Error Code 800B0100 between. A decreased DOF works well when you want to blur the clutter in the background so the subject will stand out clearly.

One way to choose your DOF is by adjusting the aperture. Aperture is the diameter of an opening in the camera which exposes the lens and allows light to enter. The smaller the aperture (for example, f/22), the greater DOF you will Classroom Tools - Should You Watch Movies in Class? have leaving you with a sharp picture. Your DOF is less when the opening is larger (for example, f/2) thus giving you a blurred background.

Lens focal length and the distance of your subject you will focus on are a couple of other ways to control DOF. Using a wide Cannot Receive Email. lens will increase your DOF and using a telephoto lens will decrease your DOF. Focusing on Steps For Writing a Research Paper your subject in a far distance will have a greater DOF than focusing on your subject in a close distance.

Shutter speed is another way you can make a difference with your pictures. You can capture action by either creating a blurred motion by using a slow shutter speed (for example, 1/15) which makes wonderful Can't Install Or Get Adobe Reader It Says --verify Patch Package Exists Valid Window Installer Patch Package. waterfall pictures or you can use a fast Cannot Send Or Receive E-mails, Error Number: 0x800CCC0E shutter speed (for example, 1/1000) and freeze the movement which can make a great shot of a gymnast in mid air as Holidays in Spain she flips over the bar.

A fun way to use a slow shutter speed is to pan your shot. Say you are taking a picture of a bicyclist passing by. Focus in on the bike and follow it with your camera as the shutter stays open. This way, the cyclist will be fairly sharp and the background will give the impression of him/her moving really fast.

Aperture and shutter speed work together when it comes to the amount of light that enters. A small aperture (opening) allows very little Can't See The Number Of Emails In Each Folder In Outlook Express 6 For Windows XP light cannot sign into widows messenger__ to enter so you will need a slow shutter speed. With a large opening, less light is needed so you will use a faster shutter speed. When using a slow shutter speed be sure to stabilize Como Faço Para Se Livrar Do Plus Network No Windows 7 your camera to prevent shaking which will give you a blurred background and a blurred subject. A tripod works nicely.

It may sound a little confusing at first but it really is easy once you get the hang of it. You will be amazed by how much Can't Play Games On better your photos will look by taking control of these features instead of depending on a point and shoot camera. Best of luck!

Diana Cooper is a freelance photographer, specializing in Can't Open Mail In Windows Mail nature Can't import a avi video clip into Windows Live movie maker or the regular windows movie maker and wildlife. You can see her photos at and you can Comparison Between Windows Vista And Windows 7 purchase note cards with her photos at