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Liu Ping Mar 22 '16
How Many Links Are Pointing to YOUR Website?

Last year Google diminished the ranking value of reciprocal links (i.e.,You link to me, I link to you). Good incoming reciprocal links are still valuable, but triangle one way linking is a new way of linking and is also MUCH more powerful. These one way links are the ones that really count the most in your site's standings.

The idea is that a triangle link looks to the engines as if both sites are receiving a one-way link instead of reciprocal links.

If Site A links to Site B and Site B links to Site C instead of back to Site A, then in theory, both site B and Site C now have a one way link which is often thought of as having more impact these days than a reciprocal.

The problem is that for this to truly work, site A and Site C cannot be seen as affiliated in any way. If Site A and Site C are completely separate (meaning no linking between Site A and Site C, hosted different places, different IP’s etc.), then it can work. Otherwise, the engines can detect it pretty easily.

I would like to make you aware of a totally free award linking program that could increase your Web site's standing in the major search engines. Plus, it will add important credibility to your tionmyery site. This is no ‘link-farm’ but a Video Conferencing - Changing the World real award program where all submitted sites are reviewed by a real human!

The system uses a method of linking known as 3-way linking. Unlike the traditional one-way link, where only one site benefits, with a 3-way link all 3 sites get what Google sees as a one-way link to their web site.

In the old reciprocal link method, site A linked to site B and site B linked back to site A. Google does not value that kind of link very much at all anymore. Google wants to see one-way links (or at least what it believes are one-way links).

In a 3-way link setup, site A links to site The Natural Hemorrhoid Cures Applied Today B, site B links to site C, and site C links to site A (as shown in the graphic above). This is where the power of this system lies.

Google sees each link in the 3-way link exchange as a one-way link and gives it the FULL ranking value of a one-way link.

One-way links and triangle linking, though already quite popular, are much harder to control and acquire, which makes Google happy. The triangle link "ploy" makes links look like one-way links even though "Site A" is returning the favor to "Site B" through "Site C".

Plus, receiving a link from a high ranking site is worth hundreds on links from non-ranking sites.

Our award site is a high ranking (currently Google PR3) and most of our award linking pages are Google PR2!

Rather than placing your site's link on some mass winners page, we keep each Solutions on How to Seek the Best Call Center For Your Business of our specific award winners pages totally separate and centered around the award's ( real estate, legal, bloging etc.) theme. This increases the implied value of the link back to your site!

We review each site/blog submitted to ensure it has good content Cadenza: Havana Nights Collector's Edition prior to acceptance into the program. This insures high quality of our site and the link back to your site. We reject: spam sites, sites just based on advertising, sex, gambling & any other site we decide (at our sole Cadenza: Havana Nights Collector's Edition discretion) to be inappropriate for our program. Our award graphic & required text must be placed on your sites 'index'/home page. After this is done, email us so we can verify the placement & we will Cadenza: Havana Nights Collector's Edition place your link in the award winners table & email you an Browser Helper Objects BHOs and Their Utilizations acknowledgement. If you remove or modify our award graphic or it's text, we will remove your link without notice.

*Plus, your site should have a Google Page Rank (PR) of at Inexpensive Method For Specialized Traffic by Retweeting least 1. If you site has no PR, we cannot accept it. Please re-apply once your site has attained this ranking. We would suggest you immediately invest a little money and time to Cadenza: Havana Nights Collector's Edition get better rankings and really reap the benefits of increase visitors and business a well ranked site Cadenza: Havana Nights Collector's Edition can generate!

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